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Vlearn offers a learning management system that adapts to every organization’s needs for better knowledge delivery online.

Our LMS has been developed based on the needs of today and continuously enhanced to fit tomorrow’s.

It is an online learning platform that helps schools, colleges, universities, training providers and governments manage educational activities, such as creating and/or adapting existing contents, assessing, tracking results, and promoting communication and collaboration.

Our strength resides, not only in its performing system but also in its support team. Online learning is our passion, and our team is dedicated to assist each and every organization that trusts us, reach their full potential.

With your own customized LMS you will be able to offer online interactive classes or modules that are immersive, engaging and based on the latest research into effective adult learning.

The LMS service includes enhancement of your teams’ skills and expertise through carefully tailored single- and multi-day sessions that can be delivered in person or via live, virtual training. 


Learning Management System (LMS) is invaluable to companies and educational entities, here are a few ways an LMS can accelerate business:

A learning management system enables development via tools that let companies create, distribute, track, and report on training or education. An eLearning system also fosters remote work with tools such as video conferencing and real-time chat to help everyone remain productive and engaged.
Your business should do all they can to unify their workforce. Disruptions can lead to poor productivity and low morale. By implementing an LMS, organizations increase collaboration and help employees, staff, students and professors feel connected to one another, no matter where they are located.
An eLearning system allows you to deliver consistent, customized content, to offer clarity and straightforward answers.


An eLearning system allows you to deliver consistent, customized content, to offer clarity and straightforward answers.

Course Description

Write a course description and personalize your delivery

Multiple Formats

Publish documents in any format (text, PDF, HTML, video, etc...)


Administer public or private forums

Learning Paths

emphasizes learner-specific goals and objectives, as well as preferences.

Users Group

Create groups of users to better dispatch courses and training.

Compose Exercises

Create, compose and customize exercises.


Structure an agenda with tasks and deadlines.


Post notifications (also by email)


Propose homework to make online


View Analytics and statistics of attendance and completion exercises.


Use the wiki to write collaborative documents.

Synchronous Learning

Zoom Application embedded in your LMS

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